Open coursework website for college students

Are you a college student and looking for help about your study, homework, labwork and other college task? Course Hero was built by students to help students like you! Course Hero is a social learning network that will help you enhancing theoritical from textbook and it’s application in real-life examples.

Every student can access and view documents posted to Course Hero just by your Facebook account. You can access document posted by another student when you post a document that related to it. To upload a document you should have a right, but its very easy to get it. The principal at Course Hero is to give and get.

At Course Hero, undergraduate and graduate student teach each other. There are more than 300.000 fellow students. CS homework solution will help you understanding and solving your homework. CS textbook answer will help you to understand what textbook said. There are more than 200.000 textbook solution!


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