Direct TV Packages

DIRECTV Satellite TV have many packages you can choose to fit your need. Direct Sat TV is an elite dealer of DIRECT TV Satellite TV. You can choose PREMIER with more than 265 channels, PLUS HD DVR with more than 200 channels, PLUS DVR with more than 200 channels for The TV fan on the go,  CHOISE XTRA for TV Lover’s package with more than 200 channels, CHOICE  basic entertainment package with more than 150 channels or FAMILY package with more than 45 channels. Direct Sat TV has the best packages for Direct TV Service!

At the website of you can compare each packages with cable tv. See the different and see what directv system can give you more channels, more entertaining programs and cheaper cost! Please visit or call 866-615-9972 now!


One thought on “Direct TV Packages

  1. Dan J says:

    Direct TV is a ripoff. I recently moved to a rental property where the landlord does not allow a satellite dish to be installed on the roof-top.The installers came out to the address and stated that that was the only place it could be installed, so we had to cancel the account due to the landlords rules. I talked with customer service, who in short told me that I would be charged a cancellation fee of up to $300.I told them that because the landlord will not allow the installation on the roof, and that this is out of my hands. The customer representative told me that they would still charge me a cancellation fee. I argued with the representative to no end, and nothing was solved. I found that after I shipped their satellite boxes back, they deducted $283.00from my bank account without my permission. This company does not believe in treating a customer with respect, but only believes in taking your money. It is my option that you should not do business with a company like this. Don’t get caught in their trap. As far as my rating goes, if there were a -20 stars I would rate them that way.

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