Time Clock Software Online Shop

Ancient quotation that “time is money” was still valid until now. Time is really mean money for business people or company with lot of employees. One of performance parameter of employee is time consumed by him or her to do the job compared with time for personal use or do nothing at work place.

Together with finished good produced by employee, time can be use to determine the productivity of employee, even the company! For that reason please use the time wisely. Work at work time, take a rest at rest time. Do it with dicipline to maximize profit of your company and increasing salaries of your employees.

The use of Time Clock is a must to monitor employees, what time he or she come to work place, and what time she or he leave the work place. Older system use paper time clock, but there is a new technology that help reduce the use of paper and cheating, the new technology wellknown as biometric time clocks. In this system employee must place their hand to a hand recognition tools (punch terminal) and the system will automatically input the time data. This time clock system consists of time clock software, data cable and hand punch terminal. Suitable for all size of business with amount of employees.

Time and attendance systems continue to be developed to help business owner to track the activity of employees. Using latest technology will help reduce late rate of employee because they can not cheating anymore. They should place their own hand to machine to record their attendance. It’s mean by purchase this system you will get the performance of your business increase and it’s also means more profit 😉

Do not wait much longer, immediately equip your company with time and attendance solution. The available system will help you get your target by disciplining employees.


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