Community outreach program

We live in this world always need other people. Man can not live alone. People around the world is a unity. Regardless of ethnicity, race, religion and nationality. For that we must care about each other.

If there are fellow human beings need our help, and we are able to help him, then we must help him voluntarily. We can help with our money, our energy, our thoughts, or even with the skills we have. How wonderful life in the world if all humans have the awareness of each other like that.

I’ve just found a website that contains information about charities. The website provides information about the Sing for Hope’s Community Arts Outreach Program. A community outreach program that gives attention to the humanity.

On its web site they describe as follows:

Sing for Hope’s Community Arts Outreach Program provides a network of support for projects that benefit humanitarian causes and enhance access to the arts for all people. Sing for Hope benefits charities including Bering Omega Community AIDS Services and Habitat for Humanity, and creates public art projects that democratize the arts and renew civic spirit

There is no reason for us not to support activities like this.


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